Antivirus Problems You Should Be Aware Of

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When a new virus, or Trojan hits the Internet the chance that it will infect dozens, hundreds or even thousands of computers is high. This is especially true for network worms. Therefore, it is crucial that antivirus software providers are in a position to release updates for protection quickly and effectively in order to stop these computer bugs from spreading.

Unfortunately, AV programs suffer from numerous issues that make them less effective. It is important to be aware of the issues when you use any of these softwares so that you can protect yourself.

The first issue is that a lot of anti-virus programs simply cannot detect all viruses and Trojans. This is because hackers are constantly generating new malware. Anti-virus software is not able to provide 100% security.

Another issue is that many common software issues can cause symptoms that look like virus-related errors. It is crucial to check for other causes of issues before you believe that your computer is infected by virus. Certain malware may display pornographic images on your screen or display news articles. Another symptom is a window that shows ads for sites that you haven’t visited.